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Five cyber attacks in two months. It’s the perfect time to review Australia’s Privacy Act

We’ve heard a lot about Australia’s privacy and data security regulations recently. After a wave of security breaches hit some of the nation’s biggest data processing companies, everyone’s become more alert to the possibilities of bad actors in the cyber space. Should Australia have another look at its Privacy Act and the data security provisions it contains?Continue reading “Five cyber attacks in two months. It’s the perfect time to review Australia’s Privacy Act”

image of a woman holding a soap covered in a beeswax wrap that has the text "bees wrap" on it

Can you be an ethical copywriter?

That’s a million-dollar question, if you think about it hard enough. The rhetoric we see every day—ethically-sourced meat, ethical mining, ethical products, ethical whatever—is all marketing. And marketing is fundamentally writing. So, can you be an ethical copywriter? The tech industry has transformed what it means to be ethical. Sure, there’re industrial standards you needContinue reading “Can you be an ethical copywriter?”

photo of an open laptop with a designer's website homepage loaded on it

Writing for SEO vs websites — essential differences everyone should know

All website copy is SEO, but not all SEO copy is for the website.  No, I’m not trying to intimidate you by trying to sound clever. Think about it—it’s true.  Most people assume copywriters and content writers only write long articles based on keywords, and that our goal is to show up on the firstContinue reading “Writing for SEO vs websites — essential differences everyone should know”

image of a hand holding a camera's lens, in front of a lake. Through the lens, the lake looks clear with the scene outside of the lens blurry

What should you look for when hiring a copywriter?

Before we get into that, though, there’re also a couple of things that you shouldn’t look at. Which is often more important to consider when hiring a copywriter. Don’t look at their social mediaA copywriter’s social media following isn’t proportional to their standard. You might have shitty copywriters who have millions of followers and goodContinue reading “What should you look for when hiring a copywriter?”


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